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Give your beloved animal the gift of a speedy recovery. If your pet has a wound or injury that’s non-responsive or healing very slowly, you should consider the benefits of the laser therapy services offered by Jefferson Animal Hospital.


Laser therapy can speed up your pet’s recovery from various health complications including arthritis. If your pet is older, the treatment can greatly relieve their aches and pains. It can even help combat their decreased mobility.

The gift of a speedy recovery

Relief from Canine Lick Granuloma

Canine Lick Granuloma is a self-inflected lesion that occurs in dogs, and often becomes more complicated by secondary infection. This is a chronic medical condition. Laser therapy, which is a doctor's proven treatment, can help reduce your dogs' stress or anxiety, thus relieving their urges to lick themselves.


Laser therapy treatment usually takes four treatments over the course of one week. View this brief video for more information on veterinary laser therapy.

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Animal Ache and Pain Relief Thanks to Laser Therapy

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Speed up recovery for slow healing wounds

Laser Therapy can help heal wounds on your pets without any drug treatment. Laser Therapy is a great solution to help speed up the recovery and treatment of several kinds of pet illnesses including:

  • Chronic Arthritis

  • Chronic itching